What we do

UTPs: our offer

The Gardant Group acts as a partner of choice for banks and investors in the UTP credit sector, by virtue of its integrated Asset Manager/Debt Purchaser & Debt Servicer business model, its willingness to invest and co-invest, and its structural flexibility.

The Gardant Group

  • Acquired UTP positions, either directly or through securitisation SPVs;
  • Purchased unsettled loan agreements on UTP loans;
  • Structured securitisations with underlying UTP loans, co-investing in the capital structure;
  • Provided new finance as part of debt restructuring transactions

Gardant can:

  • Can assess the profile of potential cash flows from a UTP position, with a view to restructuring, also thanks to a dedicated re-performing UTP team;
  • Can carry out securitisation transactions of UTP loans also with structural forecasts for the provision of new finance linked to debt restructuring;
  • Can restructure/renegotiate agreements, amending the original positions;
  • Can act as a fronting entity, through Master Gardant, for the acquisition of unresolved bank and commercial credit agreements relating to UTP loans for itself or on behalf of other investors/securitisation vehicles under Law No. 130/99.