Who we are

The Gardant Group is one of the most important operators in Italy in the credit sector, with an integrated model under which it operates as Asset Manager / Debt Purchaser and Debt Servicer on all categories of impaired credit, both Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and Unlikely to Pay loans (UTPs), both banking and leasing.

Gardant is the result of the reorganisation in 2021 of the Credito Fondiario banking group, which involved the separation of the activities of management and investment in impaired loans into a specialised and separate pole, with a view to optimising strategy and focus.

In recent years, the Group has been leader in several of the main operations in the sector.

Our mission

Gardant’s mission is to provide its clients with specialised solutions in the field of impaired and illiquid loans, with state-of-the-art technological systems and a complete and integrated product range.

Thanks to the know-how, the teams’ experience and the new-generation technological and operational infrastructure, Gardant positions itself as a vertically integrated partner of reference both for banks interested in managing more efficiently or divesting their impaired or non-core credit assets, and for investors interested in investment opportunities in this sector.

In managing relationships with clients with credit exposures, we work to manage even the most complex situations with an approach that is respectful, constructive and attentive to the specific nature of the cases.

Our approach to business

The Gardant Group stands out in the Italian market with a unique business model, according to which it operating both as an asset manager/investor and as a servicer.
Gardant has adopted this approach with the objective — which has been achieved — of aligning the interests and returns on the managed loan portfolios.

Why we stand out from the others

We offer our clients a state-of-the-art platform for origination, structuring and servicing in the secondary credit market in Italy:

  • Excellence in providing services for securitisation vehicles (master servicer, special servicer and primary servicer, rated by S&P and Fitch).
  • Team of managers and shareholders with a significant combination of credibility, qualifications and experience.
  • Proven ability to identify and capitalise on investment opportunities.
  • Proven ability to work alongside international institutional investors.

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