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from the English TO GUARD, meaning “to defend, to protect”, from the Old French GARDER, “to keep watch, to be on guard”, in heraldic symbolism identifies a figure that shows its proud, determined and direct gaze in a frontal position to the observer.

Who we are - Our mission

Gardant is one of the most important operators in Italy in the credit sector, with an integrated model according to which it operate as Fund Manager / Debt Purchaser and Debt Servicer on all categories of impaired credit, both NPLs and UTPs, both banking and leasing.

Our mission is to offer our clients a specialisation in the credit market, with state-of-the-art technological systems and a complete and integrated product range.

Our figures

We are the market leader in Italy in the Debt Servicer segment


Asset Under Management (GBV)


Asset in Special Servicing (GBV)


Investments Made


Due Diligence (GBV last 36 months)


Specialised Professionals

Our Rating Fitch And S&P

Gardant’s master, primary and special servicer platform has been rated by both Fitch and S&P since 2014.

Credit Manager 4.0

Gardant’s skills and tools

Multi-asset service platform

  • Bad loans, UTPs, Leasing, special servicer of large/medium/small loans.
  • Master & primary servicer.
  • Integrated and specialised real estate platform with high added value: REOCO / valuation.

Open platform

  • Open operating platform.
  • Advanced management system.
  • Professional competences and skills.

Data-centric and client-centric

  • Integrated data management, competitive advantage in acquisition and collection activities.
  • Customer service.

Finance provider and co-investor

  • New finance to complete the real estate process, industrial restructuring and operations
  • Co-investor with other banks and investors

Asset Management

Specialised and state-of-the-art operator

Gardant Investor SGR is the asset management company serving institutional investors specialised in the sector of impaired and illiquid credits in Italy.

Gardant Investor SGR builds on the experience of Gardant’s / Credito Fondiario investment team, which over the last 5 years has originated and managed investments of over EUR 15 billion in nominal value (over EUR 1 billion of direct investments made through Gardant / Credito Fondiario).

Press Releases

Gardant and BPER initiate a strategic partnership dedicated to the management of UTP and NPL credits

The partnership between Gardant and Altilia is established: Artificial Intelligence to integrate servicing activities

A lending strategy fund managed by Gardant Investor SGR is financing a real estate transaction for Inovalis in Italy with an amount of EUR 15 million

Gardant Chooses OutSystems to Accelerate Development of Credit Management Applications