Who we are

Gardant Liberty Servicing

Gardant Liberty Servicing S.p.A. is the joint venture between the Gardant Group and Banco BPM S.p.A., born from the strategic partnership finalised in 2018.

Gardant Liberty Servicing — of which Special Gardant holds 70% and Banco BPM 30% — is licensed pursuant to art. 115 TULPS and performs the activity of special servicer with focus on:

  • Initial portfolio of over EUR 7 billion of NPLs (nominal value), sold by Banco BPM to the securitisation vehicle Leviticus SPV S.r.l;
  • A flow of new non-performing loans generated by Banco BPM each year, under a ten-year management contract concluded with Banco BPM.
  • A portfolio of loans classified as non-performing for a gross amount (GBV) of EUR 1.5 billion, of which about half are unsecured, the result of a securitisation transaction (known as “Project Rockets”) carried out by Banco BPM.