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Over the years, we have built a state-of-the-art impaired loans management platform, developed on industry professionals, cutting-edge IT and organisational tools, and a constructive and structured approach.

The quality of this platform, in relation to both Master Servicing and Special Servicing, is independently rated by two leading Rating Agencies, Fitch and S&P, with excellent result that reflect:

Rating AgencySpecial Servicer RatingMaster Servicer Rating


Above Average

Above Average

Fitch Ratings

RSS2+ / CSS2+


  • The ability to define and achieve substantial business growth;
  • The quality of the Gardant Group’s management team;
  • The functional organisation, supported by an efficient governance model;
  • The continuous focus on the development of IT systems;
  • The ability to manage complex portfolios.
Fitch stated:
“The special servicing processes are clearly defined. The loan manager proposes a resolution strategy, which will then be reviewed by the team leader and ultimately approved by the servicing committee (for gross disposition proceeds (GDP) less than EUR2.5 million) or to the large exposure committee (GDP greater than EUR2.5 million).” (July 2020)
S&P stated:
“CF continues to invest in its operations, and management indicated that it will remain active in pursuing additional special and master servicing mandates. The company made significant progress in expanding its special servicing portfolio over recent years while maintaining a sound internal control environment. We expect CF will remain a competent special servicer of residential and commercial mortgages and a master servicer of residential and commercial mortgages and unsecured loans in Italy.” (December 2020)