Who we are


Over the years, we have built a state-of-the-art impaired loans management platform, developed on industry professionals, cutting-edge IT and organisational tools, and a constructive and structured approach.

The quality of this platform, in relation to both Master Servicing and Special Servicing, is independently rated by two leading Rating Agencies, Fitch and S&P, with excellent result that reflect:

Rating AgencySpecial Servicer RatingMaster Servicer Rating


Above Average

Above Average

Fitch Ratings

RSS2+ / CSS2+


  • The ability to define and achieve substantial business growth;
  • The quality of the Gardant Group’s management team;
  • The functional organisation, supported by an efficient governance model;
  • The continuous focus on the development of IT systems;
  • The ability to manage complex portfolios.
S&P stated:
“The servicer has consistently delivered a high-quality standard of service across the ranked asset classes while completing its reorganization activities. We believe Gardant has the systems, policies, procedures, and well-trained staff to service its portfolio according to targeted servicing practices.” (February 2023)