Our Stakeholders


For the Gardant Group, responsibility towards employees means the ability to value them as persons and as professionals, as well as guaranteeing and protecting their fundamental rights.

The Gardant Group’s employees operate with the conviction that the integration of sustainability is first and foremost a moral and institutional duty, as well as a useful tool for strengthening the business model, developing market presence and therefore increasing the positive impact on the reference sector, both nationally and internationally.

The Gardant Group’s commitment to its employees is represented by:

  • The continuous development of policies, corporate welfare solutions, practices that guarantee well-being and safety in the workplace;
  • Continuous training and skills enhancement to ensure progressive professional development;
  • Respect for Diversity & Inclusion, including through respect for diversity in recruiting practices.


We establish a relationship with our clients characterised by continuous dialogue and the development of a constructive relationship based on:

  • Fairness and integrity, establishing the rules and behaviours that the Gardant Group and the delegated third party companies must apply in the management and recovery of credit;
  • Transparency, ensuring a fair and clear management of the relationship with customers;
  • Protection and confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/2017 (the so-called “GDPR”) to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data for our customers;
  • Safeguarding of data relating to the receivables under management and related assets as collateral, taking care the continuity of the relationship.

Investors & Partners

We assure investors and business partners:

  • Professionalism, reliability and reputation of a team of specialised and innovative professionals;
  • Anti-corruption measures in the processes of acquisition, management and disposal of participations and other assets securing investments;
  • Guidelines and principles for the transparent and impartial selection of our business and financial partners;
  • Regulatory and process safeguards to identify, prevent and appropriately manage money laundering and terrorist financing risks, and cooperation with relevant authorities;
  • Strategies and policies focused on a responsible approach to managing assets and funds under management;
  • Transparency of financial information in managed portfolios for the benefit of investors, analysts and supervisory authorities, while ensuring confidentiality and data security;
  • Protection of reputation by promoting compliance with behavioural guidelines by employees, collaborators and the company, including in active participation in social media.



The Gardant Group considers suppliers an essential part of the value chain. Both in strategic agreements and extemporary supplies, it privileges companies and professional studios that adopt principles of ethical integrity and social responsibility in their business.

The Gardant Group has activated a national network of suppliers with strategic value, defining:

  • Clear and structured reporting;
  • Internal procedures for the control of corruptive events (assess);
  • Obligation to operate — once the 231 Model and the Code of Ethics have been adopted — in compliance with what is set out in these documents and in the procurement policy, which requires, among other things, that the supplier undertakes to respect human rights and safety at work, confidentiality and data security, and to adopt practices to protect the environment (e.g.  attention for paperless process, consumption of water and energy, production and management of waste, etc.).


Furthermore, in order to ensure the consistency of its evolving approach to sustainability, the Gardant Group is committed to periodically updating its internal regulations in order to promote ever greater commitment from its suppliers and align their performance to its values.

The commitment to strengthen the sustainability profile of the business and to create supplier relationships centred on a commonality of intent on the ESG front is born together with the Group and its vision; it will grow with it!


In addition to our direct commitment to carry out the business of debt collection and investments following a responsible conduct, we want to promote the creation of positive impacts at a social level and support local communities, through the donation of funds, the activation of a virtuous network around the selected projects, also with the direct  involvement of our people in  corporate volunteering and charity opportunities.