What we do

FinTech Approach

The Gardant Group positions itself in the market as Credit Manager 4.0, acting on four relevant dimensions to be a fully integrated operator as Asset Manager / Debt Purchaser & Debt Servicer:

  • Servicing of different types of credits;
  • Multi-product operating platform: open, modular, web-based;
  • Injector/manager of new finance and co-investor;
  • Data-management 2.0.


Gardant’s drive for technological innovation is aimed at being an evolved player with new FinTech solutions, investing in IT as a strategic priority.

The IT strategy of the Gardant Group is focused on the development of internal tools in core areas and differentiating from competitors, which optimise operations along the credit value chain:

  • With the development of its own management solutions to manage the real estate database;
  • To carry out due diligence activities;
  • For real estate asset valuations;
  • For the serialisation and historicisation of recovery curves;
  • For the activities of asset managers;


Both on the implementation of market tools for support and interaction processes with counterparties and partners of the Gardant Group.

The Group also differentiates itself through its customised systems, which allow operations to be carried out with a high degree of flexibility and in a short timeframe, developed through a “low code” platform.

This type of platform reduces implementation time by 75%, making it 3 times faster to release evolutionary developments than traditional coding models.