What we do

Real Estate / REOCO / LEASECO

The Gardant Group offers its clients specialised services in the field of real estate management, as collateral for credit exposures or real estate owned in the case of real estate leasing. In particular:

  • Analysis and valuation of properties of all types, both at the due diligence stage (to support portfolio pricing activities) and after acquisition (to support management activities). The team has analysed and assessed over 23,000 properties over the last 8 years;
  • Real Estate Analysis & Valuation;
  • Repossess;
  • Real Estate Asset Management;
  • Participation in auctions: management, through dedicated vehicle companies (ReoCo), of all phases of the auction participation process;
  • The team manages all the real estate activities necessary to place the properties on the open market, namely: administrative; corporate; legal; eviction; property management; regularisation; remediation; marketing; closing.


The team dedicated to the Real Estate area operates on properties acquired through Reoco, on repossessed and leased properties as well as on third parties properties. Today manages more than 1,2 million square meters of 1.000 properties with a value of EUR 550 million.

The Gardant Group has developed, in house, proprietary management information systems to support all real estate activities.