Who we are

Gardant Bridge Servicing

Gardant Bridge Servicing S.p.A. is the joint venture between the Gardant Group and BPER Banca S.p.A., born from the strategic partnership finalised in 2023.

Gardant Bridge Servicing S.p.A – of which Special Gardant Gardant Bridge S.p.A. holds 70% and BPER Banca S.p.A 30% – is licensed pursuant to art. 115 TULPS and performs the activity of special servicer with focus on:

  • initial portfolio of over Eur 2.2 billion of NPE, of which 1.18 billion of UTP loans and 1.03 billion of NPL, as well as future flows of new NPE loans (UTP and NPL), owned by BPER and granted in servicing under a ten-year management contract;
  • initial portfolio of Eur 0.42 billion UTP loans, already owned by Loira SPV s.r.l;
  • initial portfolio of Eur 0.58 billion UTP loans, owned by AMCO.