Gardant continua a crescere e inaugura i nuovi uffici di Roma

Rome, 7 July 2022

Gardant, Italy’s market leading operator in the credit management sector, as part of the Group’s continuous growth process, inaugurated in Rome its new offices in via Curtatone 3. 

The new offices were presented on Wednesday, July 6, in the presence of Flavio Valeri, President of Gardant, Antonino Turicchi, President of Gardant Investor Sgr, Bruno Manzone, President of Master Gardant, Mirko Briozzo, CEO of Gardant, and Guido Lombardo, CEO of Gardant Investor Sgr.

The building in which Gardant is now headquartered, built between 1952 and 1957, is the work of architects Aldo Della Rocca, Ignazio Guidi, Enrico Lenti and Giulio Sterbini and has in the past housed the historical headquarters of Federconsorzi and Ispra. 

The new premises cover a total area of approximately 4,000 square metres, organised on two floors, with over 300 workstations, 11 meeting rooms, 11 phone booths, and 1 events room, and have obtained Leed Gold certification, in full compliance with ESG principles.

The artistic value of the building is enhanced by some important works by the Marche artist Pericle Fazzini. The Gardant spaces, in fact, made more efficient and functional than today’s standards, preserve and enhance the artistic and architectural elements present, achieving the right balance between the building’s historical value and modern elements.


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Gardant continues to thrive and opens new offices in Rome